Schools and Classes in Weaving and Fiber Arts

Local Schools and Classes in Weaving and Fiber Arts:

School Location Website
City College of San Francisco  San Francisco, CA (fashion department – courses, see *, ** below)
Richmond Arts Center Richmond, CA
Piedmont Yarn and Apparel  Oakland, CA
Sebastopol Center for the Arts  Sebastopol, CA
The Caning Shop (basketry, caning, gourd work) Berkeley, CA
Walnut Creek Civic Arts Education  Walnut Creek, CA
Windrush Farm Fiber Arts Petaluma, CA

 * City College does have a website and you can apply on line. If you are not currently taking classes at City you have to fill our an application for admission (which you can do online) once you have filled out an application, City College will notify you and give you a date that you can register for classes. They will give you a City College e-mail, and that is where they will send you the registration date. So it is imperative that you check that e-mail. I am not sure if they will send it to your personal e-mail. You would have to check with the college. You can also go to any one of their campuses and fill out an application there. For the weaving classes if they are not full you can register the first day of class. But, the weaving classes usually fill with a waiting list so it is best to apply ahead of time. Many times in weaving 1 the students that have registered don’t show up at the first class. If that happens I take students on a first come basis. I can take 23 students in weaving 1 and spring semester I am also offering weaving 3 ( only prerequisite is prior knowledge of weaving) I can take 23 in that class. Hope that info helps. Let me know if you have more questions.    Janice Sullivan

** For the non credit tapestry weaving class you can go to the class and sign in.  The class meets on Fri. from 9:30 – 1:30 at John Adams Campus room 64.  Deborah Corsini 

National Schools of Weaving and Fiber Arts:

School Locatioin Website
Penland Spruce Pine, North Carolina
The Knitting and Weaving Center Harrisville, New Hampshire
Vermont Weaving School Putney, Vermont
Weavers’ School    Coupeville, Washington
John C. Campbell Folk School Brasstown, North Carolina
Haystack         Deer Isle, Maine
Arrowmont   Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Marshfield School of Weaving  Marshfield, Vermont