Guild meetings are held on the first Saturday of February,  April,  June,  August, October and December.

The next meeting will be Saturday, June 2, 2018.  

            Show and Tell


  9:30AM – Meet & Visit
  10:00 AM Business Meeting
  11:00 AM Program & Lunch
  Please wear your name tag. We have quite a few new members and need to get acquainted.  Bring your own mug instead of using a disposable one.

Study Groups

Meet in the afternoon after the regular meeting

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held as needed when scheduled by the Board.   Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Textile Talks Group:

The Textile Talk group is a loosely woven group, providing us with an opportunity to discuss our latest projects plus show & tell.  These meetings are held in members’ homes and/or studios.  Ask to be put on the notification list once you join the guild.