libraryThe Loom & Shuttle Guild has an extensive library of weaving,spinning and dyeing books as well as subscriptions to a variety of Periodicals plus samples.

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Library Books

If you let the librarian know in advance, she will gladly bring your request to the next meeting, or even better, arrange a time for a library visit.

The library is for Guild members. Books may be borrowed by contacting the Librarian for an appointment or books may be requested and picked up at regular guild meetings and returned at the following meeting.

Four books may be taken out for no longer than two months. Lost books must be replaced or paid for in full. A fine of $1.00 per month will be assessed for each overdue book.

Library Book List

Adelson, Laurie & Tracht, Arthur Aymara Weavings Artist/Exhibit
Amano, Yoshitaro Textiles of the Andes:  The Amano Collection Artist/Exhibit
American Tapestry Alliance American Tapestry Biennial 10:2014 Artist/Exhibit
Bertrand, Wendy Enamored with Place:  As Woman + As Architect Artist/Exhibit
Biggs, Robert Discoveries From Kurdish Looms Artist/Exhibit
Cootner, Cathryn Tent & Town Artist/Exhibit
Cootner, Cathryn Anatolian Kilims Artist/Exhibit
Dusenbury, Mary Textiles of Old Japan:  Color and Dye Artist/Exhibit
Dusenbury, Mary Textiles of Old Japan:  Bast Fiber & Old Kasuri Artist/Exhibit
Emery, Irene Fiber Structures Artist/Exhibit
Frame, Mary A Family Affair – Making Cloth in Taquile Artist/Exhibit
Guermonprez, Trudi Tapestries of Trudi Guermonprez Artist/Exhibit
Hamamura, John Hamamura, Susan Woven Works Artist/Exhibit
Herman, Lloyd The Woven & Graphic Art of Anni Albers Artist/Exhibit
Hickman, Pat Innerskins Outerskins – Gut and Fishskins Artist/Exhibit
Hutton, Helen Textile Structures Artist/Exhibit
Jeppson Galleries Inc. Murals in Wool Artist/Exhibit
Kaufman, Ruth The New American Tapestry Artist/Exhibit
Kubota, Itchiku Landscape Kimono Artist/Exhibit
Larsen, Jack Lenor Constantine, Mildred Beyond Craft:  The Art Fabrics Artist/Exhibit
Larsen, Jack Lenor Constantine, Mildred The Art Fabric: Mainstream Artist/Exhibit
Mayfield, Signe Marriage in Form – Kay Sekimachi & Bob Stocksdale Artist/Exhibit
McDonald, Robert, ed. The Art of Joan Schulze Artist/Exhibit
Meisch, Lynn (ed.) Traditional Textiles of the Andes Artist/Exhibit
Mills, Paul C. Leventon, Melissa Mark Adams Artist/Exhibit
Nagle, Virginia (ed.) Design Quarterly #48-49 – 1960 Artist/Exhibit
Pasadena Art Museum California Design Ten Artist/Exhibit
Portfolio Collection Emily DuBois Artist/Exhibit
Portfolio Collection Kay Sekimachi Artist/Exhibit
Reiter, Mary Jo Weaving A Life:The Story of Mary Meigs Atwater Artist/Exhibit
Rowe, Ann P. & Stevens, Rebecca Ed Rossbach Artist/Exhibit
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles Contemporary Chinese Fiber Art Artist/Exhibit
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles Saturn Returns: Back to the Future of Fiber Art Artist/Exhibit
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles Woven Witness: Afghan War Rugs Artist/Exhibit
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 8-Peter Collingwood: His Weaving Artist/Exhibit
Talley, Charles Contemporary Textile Art – Scandinavian Artist/Exhibit
Textiles of Oaxaca Textiles of Oaxaca Artist/Exhibit
Theophilus, Linda & Wood, Katherine, ed. Peter Collingwood – Master Weaver Artist/Exhibit
Weber, Nicholas & Ashaghi, Pandora Anni Albers Artist/Exhibit
Williams, Dai & Yoshida, Shin-Ichiro Riches From Rags: Saki-Ori and Other Recycling Artist/Exhibit
Williams, Gerald Textiles of Oaxaca Artist/Exhibit
Znamierowski, Nell Dorothy Liebes Artist/Exhibit
Gilman, Rachael Bess, Nancy Step by Step Basketry Basketry
Hart, Carol & Dan Natural Basketry Basketry
Harvey, Virginia The Techniques of Basketry Basketry
Kudo, Kazuyoshi Japanese Bamboo Baskets Basketry
Mauldin, Barbara Traditions in Transition Basketry
Rossbach, Ed Baskets As An Art Form Basketry
Tod, Osma Gallinger Earth Basketry Basketry
Turnbaugh, Sarah & William Indian Basketry Basketry
Belash, Constantine A. Braiding and Knotting Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Cahlander, Adele Sling Braiding of the Andes Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Carey, Jacqui 200 Braids Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Chen, Lydia Chinese Knotting Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Sprang Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Contemporary Crafts Museum & Gallery Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Ply-Split Fiber Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Dendel, Ester The Book of Fingerweaving Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Harvey, Virginia Color and Design in Macrame Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Harvey, Virginia Macrame: The Art of Creative Knotting Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Harvey, Virginia Split-Ply Twining Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Imperia, Giovanna Kumihimo Wire Jewelry Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
James, Carol Sprang Unsprung Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Kinoshita, Masako Kumihimo Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Kliot, Jules & Kaethe Kumihimo Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Kyoto Kimono Academy A Step to Kimono and Kumihimo Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Larson, Jack Lenor Freudenheim, Betty Interlacing:  The Elemental Fiber Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Martin, Catherine Kumihimo Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Ondori Books Kumihimo on Disc & Plate Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Pesch, Imelda Macrame Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Phillips, Mary Walker Step by Step Macrame Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Pierce, Don Beading on a Loom Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Quick, Betsy D. Stein, Judith A. Ply-Split Camel Girths of West India Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Shaw, George Russel Knots Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Skowronski, Hella Reddy, Mary Sprang Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Spady, Robin Jewelry Making for Fiber Artists Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Tada, Makiko & Hamada, Hiroyuki, eds. Space, Time and Braid Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Turner, Alta Finger Weaving:  Indian Braiding Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Welch, Nancy Tassels Braiding/Knotting/Sprang
Alderman, Sharon Handweaver’s Notebook Clothing
Alderman, Sharon Wertenberger, Katheryn Handwoven, Tailormade Clothing
Beard, Betty Fashions from the Loom Clothing
Burnham, Dorothy Cut My Coat Clothing
Ericson, Lois Ericson, Diane Fronde Designing It Yourself (folder) Clothing
Ethnic Clothing Patterns for Ethnic Clothing Clothing
Hamaker, Barbara Clothing: A Handwoven Approach Clothing
Mayer, Anita Clothing from the Hands that Weave Clothing
Murphy, Marilyn Woven to wear Clothing
Porcella, Yvonne Five Ethnic Patterns Clothing
Selk, Karen Sumptuous Silk Clothing Clothing
Shuttlecraft Monographs #24-Contemporary Costumes Strictly Handwoven Clothing
West, Virginia Weavers’ Wearables Clothing
Wilson, Jean Weaving You can Wear Clothing
Albers, Anni On Designing Color & Design
Bager, Bertil Nature as Design Color & Design
Birren, Faber Principles of Color Color & Design
Bothwell, Dorr Frey, Marilyn Noten Color & Design
Brodatz, Phil Textures Color & Design
Emerson, Sybil Design: A Creative Approach Color & Design
Jackson, Lesley 20th Century Pattern Design Color & Design
Lambert, Patricia Color and Fiber Color & Design
Larson, Jack Lenor Material Wealth Color & Design
McCarty, Cara & Matilda McQuaid Structure and Surface Color & Design
McNinch, Janet The Study of Color Color & Design
Nuno Books SukeSuke: The Emperor’s New Fabrics Color & Design
Nuno Books ZawaZawa: The Murmur of the Unknown Color & Design
O’Brien, James Design by Accident Color & Design
Regensteiner, Else Geometric Design in Weaving Color & Design
Stockton, James Color 1 Color & Design
Stockton, James Color 2 Color & Design
Sutton, Ann & Sheehan, Diane Ideas in Weaving Color & Design
Varley, Helen Color: An Architectural Digest Book Color & Design
Ward, Michael Art & Design in Textiles Color & Design
Weigle, Palmy Color Exercises for the Weaver Color & Design
Bahti, Tom Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts Crafts
Black, Mary A. Temari Balls Crafts
Fox, Nancy Pueblo Weaving and Textile Arts Crafts
Goodloe, William H. Coconut Palm Frond Weaving Crafts
Hiroa, Te Rangi (Peter H. Buck Arts & Crafts of Hawaii: Twined Baskets Crafts
Hiroa, Te Rangi (Peter H. Buck Arts & Crafts of Hawaii: Plaiting Crafts
Kohler, Frankie Fabric Postcards Crafts
Meilach, Dona Soft Sculpture & Other Soft Art Forms Crafts
Pownall, Glen New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Crafts
Sparks, Patricia Notes on Felt Making (booklet) Crafts
Sturgeon, Gay Ojo de Dios Crafts
Underhill, Ruth Pueblo Weavers Crafts
Voulkos, Carol Rubber Stamp Printing Crafts
Adrosko, Rita Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing Dye/Resist
Battenfield, Jackie Ikat Technique Dye/Resist
Bliss, Anne Dyes From Natural Materials Dye/Resist
Blumenthal, Betsy Kreider, Kathryn Hands on Dyeing Dye/Resist
Bryan, Nonabah G. Navajo Native Dyes Dye/Resist
Buchanan, Rita A Weaver’s Garden Dye/Resist
Buchanan, Rita A Dyer’s Garden Dye/Resist
Dean, Jenny Wild Color Dye/Resist
Ellis, Catharine Woven Shibori Dye/Resist
Fraser, Jean Traditional Scottish Dyes Dye/Resist
Furry, Margaret  Viemont, Bess Home Dyeing with Natural Dyes Dye/Resist
Grae, Ida Nature’s Colors: Dyes from Plants Dye/Resist
Green, Judy Natural Dyes from Northwest Plants Dye/Resist
Jacobs, Betty Growing Herbs and Plants for Dyeing Dye/Resist
Larsen, Jack Lenor The Dyer’s Art Dye/Resist
Rice, Miriam Mushrooms for Color Dye/Resist
Shuttlecraft Monographs #16-Color & Dyeing Dye/Resist
Tomita, Jun & Noriko Japanese Ikat Weaving Dye/Resist
Van Gelder, Lydia Ikat Dye/Resist
Vinroot, Sally Crowden, Jenny The New Dyer Dye/Resist
Wada, Yoshiko Memory on Cloth – Shibori Now Dye/Resist
Wada, Yoshiko, M.Rice, J.Burton Shibori Dye/Resist
Walsh, Joan Lea An Introduction to the Eucalyptus Dye/Resist
Yoshimoto, Kamon (Ed.) Traditional Ikat (Kasuri): Design Collection Dye/Resist
Baizerman, Suzanne Searle, Karen Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition Finishing
Chin, Larry Framing the Woven Artpiece Finishing
Fry, Laura Magic in the Water: wet finishing handwovens Finishing
Gordon, Beverly The Final Steps Finishing
Hodges, Susan Hook and Needle Finishes for Weavers Finishing
West, Virginia Finishing Touches for the Handweaver Finishing
Wilson, Jean Joinings, Edges and Trims Finishing
Alvarez, Nilda Callanaupa Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands History
Ames, Frank The Kashmir Shawl History
Amsden, Charles Navajo Weaving History
Barbeau, Marius Assomption Sash History
Bartholomew, Mark Thunder Dragon – Textiles From Bhutan History
Benson, Anna & Warburton, Neil Looms & Weaving History
Bentley, Phyllis Colne Valley Cloth History
Bier, Carol Woven From the Heart, Spun From the Soul History
Brody, J. J. Between Traditions: Navajo Weaving History
Burnham, Dorothy Unlike the Lilies: Doukhobor Textiles History
Burnham, Dorothy & Harold Burnham, Harold Keep Me Warm One Night History
Carroll, Diane Lee Looms & Textiles of the Copts History
Cerny, Charles Navajo Pictorial Weaving History
Channing, Marion & Walter The Textile Tools of Colonial Homes History
Ciba Review #88 – 1955 Swedish Peasant Textiles History
Coatts, Margot A Weaver’s Life – Ethel Mairet History
Coffinet, Julien Tapestry History
Corrigan, Gina Miao Textiles from China History
Danish Society of Arts & Crafts Modern Danish Textiles(1959) History
Desai, Chelna Ikat Textiles of India History
Eicher, Joanne Nigerian Handcrafted Textiles History
Ellis, Charles Grant Early Caucasian Rugs History
Gittinger, Mattiebelle Master Dyers of the World History
Gittinger, Mattiebelle Splendid Symbols – Textiles & Traditions of Indonesia History
Harvey, Janet Traditional Textiles of Central Asia History
Hoffman, Marta The Warp-weighted Loom History
Holmgren, Robert & Spertus, Anita Early Indonesian Textiles from 3 Island Cultures History
Hull, Alastair & Wyhowska, Jose Kilim – The Complete Guide History
Ingers, Gertrude Flemish Weaving History
Jorstad, Caroline Ethnic Looms History
Kaufman, Alice & Selser, Christopher The Navajo Weaving Tradition History
Kent, Kate Peck Pueblo Indian Textiles History
Kent, Kate Peck The Story of Navajo Weaving History
Kusimba, Chapurukha, ed. Unwrapping the Textile Traditions of Madagascar History
Lipton, Mimi The Tiger Rugs of Tibet History
Morris, Walter & Foxx, Jeffrey Living Maya History
O’Neale, Leila Clark, Bonnie Jean Textile periods in Ancient Peru III: Gauze Weaves History
Pendergrast, Mick Te Aho Tapu – Traditional Maori Weaving History
Petterson, Carmen L. Maya de Guatemala History
Pianzola, Maurice Coffinet, Julien Tapestry History
Reichard, Gladys Spider Woman: Navajo Weavers & Chanters History
Roth, H. Ling Ancient Egyptian and Greek Looms History
Schoeser, Mary Silk History
Schorsch, Anita The Art of the Weaver History
Seagrot, Margaret Coptic Weaves History
Shuttlecraft Monographs #13-Thomas Jackson History
Shuttlecraft Monographs #15-Guatemala Visted History
Shuttlecraft Monographs #25-Peru: Textiles Unlimited History
Shuttlecraft Monographs #26-Peru: Textiles Unlimited Part II. History
Singh, Martand Handcrafted Indian Textiles History
Spring, Christopher African Textiles History
Swygert, Mrs.L.M. Heirlooms from Old Looms History
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Ten Textiles from Far and Near History
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Weaver’s Word Finder (monograph) History
Volbach, H. Fritz Early Decorative Textiles History
Warming, Wanda The World of Indonesian Textiles History
Wasserman, Tamara & Hill, Johnathan Hill, Jonathan S. Bolivian Indian Textiles History
Weavers’ Service Centres Handlooms of India (pamphlet No. 2) History
Weir, Shelagh Spinning and Weaving in Palestine History
Weltge, Sigrid Women’s Work History
Wilson, Sadye Kennedy, Doris Of Coverlets History
Yamanobe, Tomoyuki Arts and Crafts of Japan – Textiles History
Yang, Sunny Narasinm, Rochelle Textile Art of Japan History
Cone, Ferne Knit with Style Needlework
Ota, Kim Sashiko Quilting Needlework
Phillips, Mary Walker Creative Knitting Needlework
Sunset Books Crochet Techniques and Projects Needlework
Thomas, Mary Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches Needlework
Thomas, Mary Knitting Book Needlework
Turner, Diane Oliver African Needlepoint Designs Needlework
Hodges, Susan Stranded Knitting Needlework
Howard, Constance Inspiration for Embroidery Needlework
American River College Textile Collection – A Bibliography Reference
Batzloff, Linda Natural Dyeing – A Bibliography & Index Reference
Best, Eleanor (ed.) Complex Weavers Newsletters, 1979-1989 Reference
Colchester, Chloe The New Textiles Reference
Collingwood, Peter The Maker’s Hand Reference
Dan River Dictionary of Textile Terms Reference
Emery, Irene The Primary Structures of Fabrics Reference
Flynn, Katie O. Ergonomics and Weaving Reference
Harcourt, Raoul d’ Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques Reference
Historic Looms of America The Loom Manual Library Reference
Jackson, Lloyd Yarn and Cloth Calculations Reference
Larson, Jack Lenor Weeks, Jeanne Fabrics for Interiors Reference
Linton, George Modern Textile Dictionary Reference
Mailand, Harold Care of Textiles and Costumes Reference
Osterkamp, Peggy Notes on Sett Reference
Roth, Betty Schulz, Chris 1,2,3, Handbook of Timesaving Tables Reference
Rowe, Ann Pollard Warp-Patterned Weaves of the Andes Reference
Shuttlecraft Guild Ready Reference Tables Reference
Varen, Boris Swedish-English Weaving Glossary Reference
Wilson, Sadye Tune, ed. Jackson, Ruth Davidson, ed. Textile Arts Index (l950-1987) Reference
Zielinski, S.A. Encyclopaedia of Handweaving Reference
Allard, Mary Rug Making Techniques and Design Rugs
Bennett, Noel Bighorse, Tiana Working with the Wool Rugs
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Rug Weaving Rugs
Harris, Nathaniel Rugs & Carpets of the Orient Rugs
Justin, Valorie Flat Woven Rugs of the World Rugs
Ligon, Linda (ed.) Rug Weaver’s Sourcebook Rugs
Meany, Janet Pfaff, Paula The Rag Rug Handbook Rugs
Shuttlecraft Monographs #29-Handwoven Rugs Rugs
Stanley, Martha Rug Weaving Techniques Rugs
Tod, Osma Galliger Rug Weaving for Everyone Rugs
Wool Bureau Booklet The Story of Wool Spinning/Fiber
Baines, Patricia Flax & Linen Spinning/Fibers
Baines, Patricia Linen-Handspinning & Weaving Spinning/Fibers
Baines, Patricia Spinning Wheels Spinning/Fibers
British Sheep Breeds Their Wool and Its Uses Spinning/Fibers
Duncan, Molly Spin Your Own Wool & Dye It & Weave It Spinning/Fibers
Gnatkowski, Janice 167 International Sheep Breeds Spinning/Fibers
Grasett, K. Complete Guide to Hand Spinning Spinning/Fibers
Jackson, Constance Plowman, Judith New Zealand Woolcrafters Book Spinning/Fibers
Kluger, Marilyn The Joy of Spinning Spinning/Fibers
Kolander, Cheryl A Silk Workers Notebook Spinning/Fibers
National Geographic 1988 Wool:  Fabric of History Spinning/Fibers
Norberg, Marion Working With Gut Spinning/Fibers
Stepp, Ann A Silkworm is Born Spinning/Fibers
Textile Artist’s Newsletter Silk Issue Spinning/Fibers
Thresh, Christine Spinning with a Drop Spindle Spinning/Fibers
Collingwood, Peter Techniques of Tablet Weaving Tablet Weaving
Crockett, Candace Card Weaving Tablet Weaving
Dryad Leaflet No. 111 Tablet Weaving Tablet Weaving
Gray, Herbi On-Loom Cardweaving Tablet Weaving
Groff, Russell Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving Tablet Weaving
Hendrickson, Linda Please Weave A Message Tablet Weaving
Katz, Ruth J. Card Weaving Tablet Weaving
Snow, Marjorie Step by Step Tablet Weaving Tablet Weaving
Specht, Sally Rawlings, Sandra Creating with Card Weaving Tablet Weaving
Albers, Anni On Weaving Weaving
Alderman, Sharon Mastering Weave Structures Weaving
Arnold, Ruth Weaving on a Draw-Loom Weaving
Atwater, Mary M. Byways of Handweaving Weaving
Atwater, Mary M. Recipe Book: Patterns for Handweavers Weaving
Atwater, Mary M. Shuttlecraft Book of American Handweaving Weaving
Atwater, Mary M. Shuttlecraft Course in Handweaving Books 1 & 2 Weaving
Atwater, Mary M. Spot Weave or Bronson Weave Weaving
Atwater, Mary M. Summer and Winter Weave Then and Now Weaving
Baizerman, Suzanne Searle, Karen Latin American Brocades Weaving
Barrett, Clotilde Boundweave Weaving
Barrett, Clotilde Shadow Weave and Corkscrew Weave Weaving
Barrett, Clotilde Summer and Winter and Beyond Weaving
Barrett, Clotilde & Smith Eunice Double Two-Tie Unit Weaves Weaving
Beck, Dorothy Chase, Hazel Handwoven Embroidery Weaves Weaving
Becker, John Pattern & Loom Weaving
Bennett, Noel Designing with Wool Weaving
Best, Eleanor Weaves: A Design Handbook Weaving
Beveridge, June Warp/ Weft/ Sett: A Reference Manual Weaving
Birrell, Verla The Textile Arts Weaving
Bjork, Birgitta Ignell, Tina Simple Weaves Weaving
Black, Mary E. The Key to Weaving Weaving
Black, Mary E. The Sett & Weaving of Tartans Weaving
Bress, Helene The Weaving Book Weaving
Brewer, Helen Norwegian Double Weave Pick-up Patterns Weaving
Bridgman, Rosemary Weaving: A Manual of Techniques Weaving
Brostoff, Laya Double Weave: Theory and Practice Weaving
Cahlander, Adele Double Woven Treasures From Old Peru Weaving
Chetwynd, Hillary Simple Weaving Weaving
Cyrus, Ulla Manual of Swedish Weaving Weaving
Davison, Margarite A Handweaver’s Source Book Weaving
Davison, Margarite Handweaver’s Pattern Book Weaving
Davison, Margarite Pennsylvania German Handweaving Weaving
Deutch, Yvonne – ed. Weaving and Spinning Weaving
Dixon, Anne Handweaver’s Pattern Directory Weaving
Dixon, Anne Inkle Pattern Directory Weaving
Eatough, Judie & Shelp, Wanda Complex Weavers Greatest Hits Weaving
Field, Anne Collapse Weave Weaving
Franquemont, Edward Cloth: The Andean Art Weaving
Frey, Berta Designing and Drafting for the Handweaver Weaving
Frey, Berta Seven Projects in Rosepath Weaving
Garrett, Kay Warping All by Yourself Weaving
Gilmurry, Susan Weaving Tricks Weaving
Grae, Ida Dressing the Loom Weaving
Groff, Russell 200 Patterns for Multi-harness Looms Weaving
H.G.A A Baker’s Dozen – Tablemats & Beyond Weaving
H.G.A. A Baker’s Dozen – Baby, Baby, Baby Weaving
H.G.A. A Baker’s Dozen – Rags to… Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #11 – Heirloom Table Linens Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #12 – Great Coverups Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #14 – Weaving for Baby Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #15 – Sensational Scarves Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #16 – Kitchen Collection Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #17 – Jackets and Pullovers Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #3 – Gifts Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #5 – Dishtowels Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #7 – Simple Styles Weaving
Handwoven Magazine Design Collection #8 – Just Rags Weaving
Harvey, Nancy Tapestry Weaving Weaving
Harvey, Virginia Multiple Tabby Weaves Weaving
Held, Shirley Weaving: A Handbook for Fiber Craftsmen Weaving
Hoffman, Henry Weaving on Paper Weaving
Holland, Nina Inkle Loom Weaving Weaving
Interweave Press Handwoven Scarves Weaving
Jarvis, Helen Weaving  a Traditional Coverlet Weaving
Jones, Jeanetta Embroidery Weave Workshop Weaving
Keasbey, Doramay Pattern Devices for Handweavers Weaving
Kirby, Mary Designing on the Loom Weaving
Kurtz, Carol Designing for Weaving Weaving
Landis, Lucille Twills and Twill Derivatives Weaving
Landis, Lucille Warp with a Paddle and Beam without Paper Weaving
Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth Long-Eyed Heddle Workshop Notes Weaving
Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth More Than Four Weaving
Lewis, Alfred Krasnoff, Julliene Everybody’s Weaving Book Weaving
Lundback, Maja Rinde-Ramsback, Marta Small Webs Weaving
Marshall, Kelly Custom Woven Interiors Weaving
McCall’s Magazine How to Weave it! Weaving
Meilach, Dona Snow, Lee Weaving Off Loom Weaving
Moore, Jennifer Double Weave Weaving
Moorman, Theo Weaving as Art Form Weaving
Muller, Donna Handwoven Laces Weaving
Neher, Evelyn Four Harness Huck Weaving
Nye, Thelma Swedish Weaving Weaving
Oelsner, G.H. & Dale, Samuel Dale, Samuel S. A Handbook of Weaves Weaving
Osterkamp, Peggy New Guide to Weaving #1 Weaving
Osterkamp, Peggy New Guide to Weaving #2 Weaving
Osterkamp, Peggy Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth Weaving
Osterkamp, Peggy Weaving for Beginners Weaving
Patrick, Jane (ed.) A Handwoven Treasury Weaving
Pendlton, Mary Navajo and Hopi Weaving Techniques Weaving
Perkins, H.H. Seat Weaving (folder) Weaving
Phillips, Janet Designing Woven Fabrics Weaving
Plath, Iona Handweaving Weaving
Powell, Marian 1000+ Patterns in Shadow Weave Weaving
Powell, Marian Shadow Weave Study Binder Weaving
Rainey, Sareta R. Weaving Without a Loom Weaving
Regensteiner, Else The Art of Weaving Weaving
Regensteiner, Else Weaver’s Study Course: Ideas & Techniques Weaving
Richards, Ann Weaving Textiles That Shape Themselves Weaving
Rogers, Nora & Stanley, Martha (ed) Stanley, Martha In Celebration of a Curious Mind Weaving
Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild Aptos Library Hanging Weaving
Searles, Nancy M. The Techniques of Freeform Design Weaving
Selander, Malin Four Harness Weaves – Samples Weaving
Selander, Malin Swedish Handweaving Weaving
Selander, Malin Swedish Swatches-Yellow Series Weaving
Selander, Malin Weaving Patterns (in Swedish) Weaving
Selby, Margo Color and Texture in Weaving Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 2-Surface Interest: Textiles of Today (samples) Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 4-Woolens and Tweeds (samples) Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 5-Scottish Tartans Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 6-Mexican Motifs Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 7-Contemporary Satins Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs # 9-Undulating Weft Effects Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #10-Merry Christmas, Handweaver Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #11-Handwoven Specialties Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #12-Contemporary Tapestry Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #14-Color Related Decorating Textiles Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #17-Supplementary Warp Patterning (samples) Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #18-Textile Structure & Analysis Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #19-Summer & Winter &Other Two-Tie Unit Weaves Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #1-Double Weave:  Plain & Patterned Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #20-Two Harness Textiles: Loom Controlled Weaves Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #21-Two Harness Textiles: The Open-work Weaves Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #22-Brocade Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #23-Build or Buy a Loom/Pattern for Pick-ups Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #27-Weaving Inkle Bands Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #28-Weft Twining Weaving
Shuttlecraft Monographs #3-Design & the Handweaver Weaving
Snyder, Mary Crackle Weave Weaving
Snyder, Mary Lace and Lacey Weaves Weaving
Spady, Robyn Handwoven Decorative Trim Weaving
Straub, Marianne Handweaving and Cloth Design Weaving
Strickler, Carol A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns Weaving
Strickler, Carol Taggart, Barbara Weaving in Minature Weaving
Sullivan, Donna Lee Weaving Overshot:  Redesigning the Tradition Weaving
Sunset Books Weaving Techniques and Projects Weaving
Sutton, Ann The Structure of Weaving Weaving
Terrace Textures Color Lessons Weaving
Thorpe, Azalea & Larsen, Jack L. Elements of Weaving Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Double Weave Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Handloom Weaves (monograph) Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Handweaver’s Instruction Manual (booklet) Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Inkle Weave Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Interior Decorating – The Handloom Way Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Scotch Tartan Setts (booklet) Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Shuttle Craft Monographs (ed.) Weaving
Tidball, Harriet Douglass Weaver’s Book Weaving
Torimaru, Sadae & Tomoko Imprints on Cloth Weaving
Torimaru, Sadae & Tomoko Spiritual Fabric Weaving
Tovey, John Weaves and Pattern Drafting Weaving
Trotzig, Liv & Axelsson, Astrid Weaving Bands Weaving
van der Hoogt, Madelyn The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers Weaving
van der Hoogt, Madelyn, ed. Fabrics That Go Bump Weaving
van der Hoogt, Madelyn, ed. Huck Lace – The Best of Weaver’s Weaving
Wacky Weavers Shadow Weave Drafts Weaving
Weigle, Palmy Double Weave Weaving
Wertenberger, Kathryn 8-10-12; A Study of Multishaft Weaving Weaving
West, Virginia The Virginia West Swatch Book Weaving
Wilson, Jean Soumak Workbook Weaving
Wilson, Jean The Pile Weaves Weaving
Wilson, Jean Weave with Style Weaving
Wilson, Jean Weaving is for Anyone Weaving
Wilson, Jean Weaving You Can Use Weaving
Windeknicht, Margaret Creative Overshot Weaving
Windeknicht, Margaret The Rosepath Motif Weaving
Worst, Edward Foot Power Loom Weaving Weaving
Worst, Edward How to Weave Linens Weaving
Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot
Complex Weavers Journal
Threads (to 1986)
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